The Softies = sommarkänsla

"You and only you"

Your eyes are like poetry
Your lips are so sugary
You're all toether wonderful
to behold

I never thought that I would hear
You say that I'm who you hold dear

More than anyone else
Or at least not in the same way

I've been thinking about you and only you

You are like the morning time
Full of promise yet to find
I'm dazzled every time I realize you're mine

I never thought that I would see
The day that you would come to me
And ask forgiveness
For the time we let go by

I've been thinking of you and only you

Did you find a four leaf clover
Did you hope that I'd come over
Here I am and I might never leave again

I never thought that I would be
So close to you
that I could see
The way your hair goes wavy
When you wake up

"Sleep away your troubles"

If I beg you will you smother me
Just to put me out of my constant misery
This is too much for me to bear
You'd know this too if you ever had been there

I hope you have sweet dreams
And I hope You never leave me

I wander thorugh these empty halls
As the moon casts shadows of just me upon the walls
My time wasted in endless regret
While you sleep away your troubles and forget

I hope you have sweet dreams
And I hope you never leave me


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